Is sugar spray the new salt spray?

Is sugar spray the new salt spray?

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It's salt spray's sweet little sister and it's what your hair craves

For tousled, sexy, next day waves, salt spray has been every girl's go-to. But as much as we love it, we have to admit - it does have a tendency to make fine hair kind of crunchy (great for hot chips, not so great when you want tresses someone can actually touch). Enter: sugar spray, set to go down in the annals of hair history as 2016's wonder product, and your new must-have for voluminous hair (think fairy floss levels of volume, minus the pastel dye job).

While salt spray tends to dry out hair a little and can leave many, particularly brunettes, with less-than-attractive frizz and flyaways, sugar spray does the opposite, imparting shine as glossy as a just-licked lollipop and giving bounce and body to waves you can actually run your hands through. As editorial stylist and Wella Professionals spokesman Travis Balcke says, it has "a more friendly feel."

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Balcke, who's styled the strands of Elizabeth Debicki, Lara Bingle and Jennifer Hawkins to name a few, counts sugar spray as his new hair essential. "It's a dream everyday product that will give you all-day body without the weight," he enthuses. "It can be applied from roots to ends for all over full body and thickness, or just in the roots or your flat areas to create effortless volume."

Best of all, unlike that melted packet of All Naturals on your dash, it won't reduce hair to a sticky, unwieldy mess. "If left to dry naturally you may find that it's a little sticky, but once heat is applied with a dryer it's a dream come true," Balcke promises. Try the new EIMI Sugar Lift from Wella Professionals EIMI Styling Range, the Tigi Bedhead Candy Fixations Sugar Shock Bodifying Spray or the Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Sugar Mist

This is one sugar fix we can really get on board with (as can both your hairdresser AND your dentist). 

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