Fo' shizzle: why everyone's doing the boxer braid

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Braids are back - here's how to make sure yours is less school girl twee, more '90s cool

Fashion is having a moment with the hairstyle the 21st century (almost) forgot - see all its of-the-minute incarnations here - but not everyone's got the time to study YouTube tutorials for fishtail, crown and French. If there's one type of braid to master, it's this - we're calling it the '90s rapper, aka the boxer braid.

Yes, it's an unlikely source of inspiration (we never thought we'd be referencing Snoop Dogg for a beauty trend), and no, you won't find it in the Little Book of Braids you might have clung to from primary school. The only how-to video on offer is Snoop's 'Drop it Like It's Hot' - we know it's not technically (or, like, remotely) a beauty tutorial, but for this trend, it's all we've got.

As is the case for most of what's wrong in the world, we're blaming Kim Kardashian West for the sudden influx of girls stealing the style of '90s rappers - she was one of the first to bring the trend into 2016, with North West along for the ride. But in a telling sign of who really rules the Kardashian roost, it was actually little sister Kylie who first championed the trend when she instagrammed a selfie sporting cornrows last year - and copped serious flak on behalf of the African-American community.

Whatever your stance on appropriating cultural hairstyles, the fact is this: girls like FKA Twigs and Zoë Kravitz look damn fine in the rapper braid, so of course everyone else wants to have a go.  The key to the braid is having enough texture in your hair to hold it in - too slick and it'll slip - add a powder spray like La Biosthetique Powder Spray which will give enough 'grab' for you to start your weave with. Once in, keep it firmly intact with a spray of L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray. One of the best features of this braid is that it's a style that keeps on giving - leave it in overnight and it'll look even better the next day. Above, we chart the best versions of the '90s rapper braid we've seen so far.  Forgive us, but it's tha shiznit.

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