Fashion girl hair: the trends to try from MBFWA

Text: Anna McClelland

Image: Flaunter



Ranging from outrageous (hello, Di$count Univer$e) to effortless (Albus Lumen), the new way to wear hair is here

Confirming that the top knot's time is over, three key looks have emerged from Australian Fashion Week: the low pony (worn myriad ways - yes, there's more than one way to do a ponytail), loose, textured waves and a sleek centre part. All of which means one thing: doing your hair just got way easier. Cue the sounds of everyone setting their alarms back by 10 minutes.

We saw lots of low ponies with surprising detail, from fishtailed sections to sculptural knots to plaits. At Misha Collection, they were covered almost completely with black ribbon, while at Karla Spetic they were secured simply with black velvet. Nothing was too perfect, with hair simply scraped back off the face using fingers instead of a brush.

Centre parts ruled the runway, with the hair either slicked back into an aforementioned pony or left flowing loose, with air-dried texture and effortless waves for a slightly dishevelled, tousled effect. Hair stylists embraced flyaways, intentionally leaving strands free around the face and misting them with hairspray to set in place.  

Romance Was Born and KitX were two big exceptions, embracing the '80s perm and Helmut Newton-inspired curls respectively. Macgraw favoured a girlier girl approach, with soft, doll-inspired blow-dries. Click through the gallery above to find your new 'do. 

Fashion girl hair: the trends to try from MBFWA (фото 1)

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