Everything to know about the micro needling beauty trend

Everything to know about the micro needling beauty trend

Pins and needles

Text: Lucie Clark

It's actually not as crazy as it sounds and the beauty benefits are real. So what's the deal with rolling mini needles over your face?

Similar to the fish spa pedicure doing the rounds a few years back whereby fish feast on your feet in an extreme exfoliation ritual, sticking needles in your face via a miniature rolling pin-style beauty device sounds straight out of the cosmetic X-Files, right? Well, yes and no. This trend has actually been around since the early 2000s (translation: it's tried, tested and sticking around) and is an under-the-radar non-surgical lunch-break treatment that shows real smooth-skinned results, without the down time. It's also reputedly fairly pain-free.

How exactly does it work? The tiny holes created by the micro-needles stimulate the skin into 'healing' mode which make it produce more collagen and that's when the magic happens. As anyone over the age of teendom knows, collagen is the key ingredient powering the fountain of youth - injections of the stuff can decrease lines and wrinkles plus reduce acne scarring and change up pigmentation. Ergo getting your own skin to produce it will have similar real life Facetuning effects like fading scars, smoothing pockmarks caused by acne, preventing fine lines from deepening and giving an overall glow that your skin may not have had since your sweet sixteenth.

As for the pain factor, having it done at your dermatologists office or an expert skin clinic means numbing cream will be involved so when the mico-needling device is rolling over your face you won't actually feel it. Speaking to Stylecaster, New York-based dermatologist, Dr Jeannette Graf says, "I see it as similar to Fraxel in the way that it resurfaces with minimal downtime - one to three days max - and it stimulates new collagen over a six-week period." Plus, it's a lot cheaper than similar collagen producing procedures like Fraxel with prices starting from an accessible $175.

However, check the fine print with your derm or facialist - this smooth skin procedure is not for all skin types and situations, it can inflame active acne and it doesn't go deep enough to reverse serious sun damage.

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