Call your mum: these ‘90s hair accessories are making a comeback

(Whether you like it or not!)

Site: Samantha Ledlin

Que the nostalgia: claw clips and headbands are back! 

If the first few days of NYFW are anything to go by, you're going to want to raid your childhood bedroom to keep up with the next big beauty trend, because the '90s are back baby. Just like flares, clogs and shoulder pads, what were once considered fashion's biggest sins always come full circle; and the fashion field has cleared some space for your mum's fave '90s hair accessories.

It started with Tom Ford who sent models down the runway sporting thick elastic headbands - yeah, like the one you use to keep your hair out of your face when you wash it, except Ford's were made from leather, because #farshun. Then Alexander Wang enlisted the laziest hair accessory of all to hold back the manes of the Wang Gang. The humble claw clip (or banana clip if you want to get into the politics of names) is back, making us completely reconsider our pre-teen taste; if Wang say's they're cool, then they're cool, right? And finally Prabal Gurung topped things off with stretch-comb headbands (you know, the ones that would always get stuck in your hair - them!).

Considering these '90s hair accessories were seen on the trifecta of It-girls (Gigi, Bella and Kaia), it's safe to say the trend is here to stay. Before we know it, butterfly clips and glitter hair spray will be making their way down the runway... stay tuned. Click through the gallery above for all the '90s hair nostalgia from NYFW. 

Call your mum: these ‘90s hair accessories are making a comeback (фото 1)

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