Bye bye balayage: what your next cut and colour looks like

Bye bye balayage: what your next cut and colour looks like

The new buzz in hair trends

Text: Anna McClelland

Image: Cloud Nine

Hair stylist Jaye Edwards gives us the lowdown on the major colour and cut trends for 2015

The temperature may have dipped but our colour is warming up, says Jaye.  "This winter will see a comeback of golden and strawberry blondes and a big movement away from ash blondes."

It's the same news for brunettes.  "In terms of darker colours, you'll start seeing more auburn and chocolate tones."

The reference to give your colourist? Tortoiseshell (or, if you want to get fancy, use the French word - ecaille). A melting pot of golden honeyed tones ranging to rich chocolate browns, tortoiseshell is set to become 2015's beauty buzzword - just take a look at the locks at the Burberry a/w '15 show, above.  "Tortoiseshelling is about painting tonal variations all throughout the hair, be it with balayage or a variety of other techniques," confirms Jaye. "You won't see many solid colours - this season is about subtle variation to create a luminous and tonal effect."

A less obvious and more refined take on last year's ombre trend, tortoiseshell offers a rich, multi-dimensional and sun-dappled effect - the perfect antidote to dreary winter days.

Bye bye balayage: what your next cut and colour looks like (фото 1)

Lovers of the lob, rejoice - shorter cuts are going nowhere. "The ideal lob should sit just above the shoulders or skim the collarbone," says Jaye.

Keep it current with a deep side fringe. "Fringes are in and making a huge comeback," predicts Jaye. "Steer away from blunt full fringes in winter and opt for a sweeping side fringe instead - the less harsh lines around the face, the better." 

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