Blowtox: are you game to try this hair trend?

Blowtox: are you game to try this hair trend?

Wrinkle-free hair

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Preserving your frown-free face via Botox is nothing new, but keeping your blow dry intact via scalp botox?

It's universally agreed that having a good hair day can lift your mood like nothing else, but the popularity of intense workout sessions prior to hitting the office has left women with no time for a post-workout wash and blow dry. Enter blowtox, the latest hairstyle saving trend taking off in New York.

In the US Botox is FDA approved for wrinkle blasting and reducing excessive underarm sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis, and it's this usage that's turning people to so-called blowtox. How does it work? The scalp is strategically injected with Botox, which deadens the ability for nerves to trigger sweat glands, keeping your freshly washed 'do intact - post-sweat session and beyond.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, a practitioner at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, told Fast Company she administers blowtox to about two clients per month and after being featured on a recent TV segment about the procedure, has been flooded with calls from doctors all over the world (including Australia) inquiring about the technique for their own practices.

But before you rush to your nearest dermatologist and request a lunchtime blowtox sesh, consider the cost. According to Engelmen, about 150-200 shots are needed for the whole scalp, which in comparison to the eight to ten required for the forehead is a ton. Doing the maths that's about $1200 to $1500 per session for a result that lasts between six to 12 months! It's a pricey path to join the likes of Kim K (a rumoured blowtox user), but at least you can join her when she brags, "I only wash my hair every five days..." You heard it here first.

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