Natural beauty: 5 ways to look like you haven't even tried

Natural beauty: 5 ways to look like you haven't even tried

Barely there

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Forget overdone, take your cue from bare-faced Parisienne cool girls and switch to fuss-free make-up with a focus on beautiful skin, says Nadine Monley

As make-up director for Christopher Esber's Resort '15 collection, I was inspired to develop a look that was minimal but strong. Girls paraded flawless barely-there foundation with glimpses of gloss to accentuate their natural features. Here's how I achieved this beautiful look in just five simple steps.

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Step 1

The first step to achieving fresh make-up is to give the skin a thorough cleanse, removing any excess oil or make-up. A fresh face is always the best canvas to work with, so treat yourself to a soothing face mask if needed.

Step 2

A face massage can really work to invigorate the complexion. Use your hands to work the skin in small circular motions from the centre of the face outwards, which will get circulation flowing and create a healthy glow. As an added bonus, doing this regularly is said to help reduce puffiness, while brightening and firming the skin.

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Natural beauty: 5 ways to look like you haven't even tried (фото 2)

Step 3

Mimicking a youthful appearance is easier with plump, smooth skin. After thoroughly cleansing, I like to apply the multi-purpose Jao Brand Goe Oil to moisturise the skin and smooth out any deep pores or fine lines. Apply the oil by rubbing it between your hands to heat the product before pressing it onto the face, and watch as it instantly melts into your skin.

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Step 4

To achieve a nonchalant beauty you can, use a light BB cream, tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation. Using a dampened Beauty Department Precision Sponge, blend foundation from the centre of the face to the hairline, while still allowing the skin to peep through. A touch of concealer can reduce any redness or under-eye shadows if you feel you need more coverage - but remember, less is more!

Step 5

This look is all about embracing your beauty, so for the finishing touch, a little clear gloss or Goe Oil is perfect. Apply the gloss or oil on the eyelids for a simple dewy highlight and along the lips for hydration. The silky nature of this product will contrast with the skin's texture, enhancing the natural pigmentation in your complexion. Simplicity at its best!

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