11 bizarre beauty treatments trending right now

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How far are you willing to go in the quest for perfect skin?

In the case of Hollywood's population, waaaaay too far. When a facial becomes less of a luxurious experience and more about extracting your own blood, smothering your pores in Nightingale poo (but like, it's vegan) or surrendering yourself to multiple bee stings (here's looking at you, Gwyneth), you've got to wonder if something's in the water in La La Land. Or maybe it's just a side effect of living in close proximity to Kanye West.

We're as curious as the next person about anything that promises to leave our faces flawless, and of course we're guilty of forking out a small fortune in the pursuit of beauty, but even we stop short of these bizarre pampering practices. Read on if you're prepared to be amazed, disgusted and intrigued, all at once.

11 bizarre beauty treatments trending right now (фото 1)

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