The 10 winter hair care tips you've been waiting for

The 10 winter hair care tips you've been waiting for

Farewell, frizz

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Wind, rain and dry air play havoc on the smooth strands we've worked so hard for

We've all spent the morning blow-drying and heat-styling our hair to perfection, only to have it blasted into a frizzy, tangled mess by the time we reach the bus stop. Scratchy scarves and overheated offices lead to supercharged static and dry, dehydrated lengths. But there's no need to hibernate until more favourable weather conditions return, thanks to celebrity hair stylist and Moroccanoil Creative Design Team educator Kevin Hughes. Hughes has spent the last 20 years tending to the tresses of big names like Emily Blunt and Erin Wasson, backstage at international fashion weeks for Badgley Mischka and Carolina Herrera and numerous fashion editorials. He also lives in New York, so he knows all about caring for winter hair. Here are his top 10 tips.

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1. Don't scrimp on conditioner
Hair can be particularly dry come winter - especially it's still recovering from the effects of too much sun and salt in summer. So make sure you choose a good conditioner and use it properly, wringing excess water out first and combing the product through. "It's really important to keep that moisture in the hair, which will help keep it from expanding and frizzing up outside," says Hughes.

2. Find anti-frizz products
If your hair is prone to static, this will become your best friend. "Mist in an anti-frizz spray in several different sections before you blow dry," says Hughes. "Our Frizz Control product has a really gentle texture that makes even fine hair stay put after it's blow-dried." It's not just dedicated anti-frizz products that can have anti-static properties - look out for styling products with them too, such as the new Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion. 

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3. Banish dry ends instantly with oils
Everyone loves a multi-purpose product, and natural oils are just that, functioning as a leave-in conditioner, hydrating treatment and shine serum in one. "I have clients who swear by rubbing a bit of Moroccanoil into hair to bring static down," says Hughes. "Some people are afraid to add it after they blow dry, but it absorbs completely." If you're ever left with lacklustre mid-lengths, Hughes recommends adding Moroccanoil to blowdried hair and reblowing it in to gloss up the ends.

4. Commit to weekly masques
In winter, the weekly masque is non-negotiable. "It really does make a difference to the overall condition of your hair," says Hughes. Just don't do it in the shower: "Get out after you've shampooed and apply a tablespoon of product to towel-dried hair, from mid-lengths to ends," guides Hughes. "Only put it on the top of your head if you need it, which naturally oily scalps won't. Leave in for 10 minutes, with a warm, slightly damp towel wrapped around."

5. Manage flyaways with moulding crème
Hughes swears by moulding crème to tame flyaways. "People don't think of it but if you take a thin layer into the palm of your hands, so it's almost barely there, and run your hands across your head, you could put a hat on, take it off and your hair will stay smooth," he says. "It's a little editorial trick - you can smooth hair down with your hands all day without the need for more product."

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6. Beware your hairspray
"People automatically reach for the hairspray to keep their hair in place but it's not always the best thing because some hairsprays can actually create more static," Hughes warns. Try the new Kerastase Lacque Noir anti-humidity fixing hairspray.

7. Styling cream - it's like hand cream for your hair
Just like you up the moisturising ante for your skin in winter, your hair needs a little extra TLC - and it comes in the form of styling lotion. Hughes favours the Morcoccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream and new Smoothing Lotion. "It will bring that frizz right down, even in dry or thick hair," he says. "Just don't overdo it - you don't want to wet the hair, you just want to polish it."

8. Use protection
And use it everywhere. Your mid-lengths to ends bear the brunt of heat styling, so mist a heat styling spray liberally here, there and everywhere. "It really helps protect the hair from becoming overly dry and damaged," says Hughes. 

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9. Thou shalt never use the highest heat setting

If hairdressers the world over don't touch it, neither should you. "It's better to run the hair quickly through the straightener more than once than have a very intense heat setting and go so slow it's frying the hair," says Hughes. "Use a lower setting and you'll see a difference almost instantly."

10. Beware wet hair
You know how the hairdresser always blow-dries your hair way better than you ever could? This is (partly) why. "If you have one little strand of wet hair, it will sit next to the dry hair and create that frizz that creeps up throughout the day," says Hughes. "That's why it's so smooth and shiny when you leave the hairdressers - when we blow dry we go over and over the hair until it's completely dry." Use a medium heat setting and move your brush quickly to avoid frying.

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