You won’t believe what Kanye is launching next

You won’t believe what Kanye is launching next


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The Yeezy empire continues to expand into amazing new territory

We think Kanye West has been spending a little too much time with his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner. How else can you explain the bizarre news that he's planning to launch his own make-up line? Reportedly named Donda (after his late mother, who was also the star of his video game), TMZ reports that the make-up line is happening - and he's even filed the necessary legal documents. Apparently, Donda will encompass make-up, perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics, but presumably not lip kits or kylighters. (That would be stepping into Kylie territory.) Does this mean we write off the bleached blonde hair as beauty experiment?

The renaissance man even hinted at plans for Donda to become a lifestyle brand on Twitter last year.

But don't get too confused just yet - filing paperwork means its early days for Donda beauty. We wouldn't disregard it totally though, remember how we all laughed when Kanye said he wanted to be a fashion designer? After five seasons of Yeezy and even Anna Wintour's tick of approval, let's just say with Kanye, anything's possible. 

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