You’ll want one of everything from Madonna’s new skincare line

You’ll want one of everything from Madonna’s new skincare line

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Pop music legend, actress, provocateur and queen of reinvention Madonna is known for her #flawless skin and now she’s opened the beauty vault via new skincare line, MDNA Skin

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone or Madonna as she's known to her millions of fans around the globe is always reinventing herself and constantly changing things up. One day she's a straight-A student in a strict Catholic household the next she's publishing a soft-porn book called Sex and hitting number one on the music charts with Like A Virgin.

As famous for her chameleon look (who can even count how many different hair hues she's rocked?) as she is for her distinctive fashion forward style and rockin' hard body - the only thing that remains constant is her flawless skin. The 59-year-old is ageless and her wrinkle-free, perfect porcelain skin wouldn't look out of a place on a teenager.

But until now how Queen M maintains that youthful glow has been the stuff of urban beauty legend with whispers and rumours of Mads trying every scary beauty treatment under the sun (or not, she never goes in the sun because it damages her skin). It turns out, it's not due to any dark arts that she looks like she's getting younger - it's just stellar skincare and an on-call facialist.

While most of us aren't in the market for our very own facialist, we can get involved with Madonna's reverse ageing skincare regime thanks to her new skincare line, MDNA Skin.

The name comes from her 2012 album of the same name and has been developed, according to W, in consultation with New York dermatologist, Dr Paul Jarrod Frank.

The range includes a chrome clay mask, face wash, rose mist, eye mask, serum and skin rejuvenator (a two-headed device that removes impurities or infuses the skin depending on which head is in play) and is available now from the MDNA Skin site.

MDNA Skin rejuvenator and clay mask

Speaking to W, Frank says what he and Madonna, "...agreed about most when discussing MDNA Skin was routine and dedication - consistency, simplicity, and discipline. It's not about chasing fads and changing products constantly, but choosing high-end formulations and being diligent with them."

He also notes Madonna was very involved in formulating the products, "experimenting on herself tirelessly - sending sample after sample back and forth until she felt it was perfect." And if it's good enough for Mads, it's good enough for us.

MDNA Skin is available from

You’ll want one of everything from Madonna’s new skincare line (фото 1)

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