You can drink or wear Salma Hayek’s new beauty smoothie range

You can drink or wear Salma Hayek’s new beauty smoothie range

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Hollywood A-lister and poster girl for ageless glowing skin Salma Hayek has launched a range of smoothies that double as beautifying face masks

In the eternal quest for a radiant youthful face and a healthy glow that shines from the inside out, let's be honest, we'll try anything. And that's what fresh-faced Hollywood actress, Salma Hayek is banking on. Hayek's new range of smoothies, Blend It Yourself (BIY), created with New York-based smoothie company Juice Generation are the ultimate multi-taskers - serving double duty as a healthy, delicious drink and as a glow-getting face mask. Hayek's known for her stunning ready-for-a-close-up skin and if this beauty product/drink is her secret we're in.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Hayek revealed this food-as-beauty ritual was in her DNA from a young age, "My grandmother was into natural ingredients... She was like a witch doctor, a cosmetologist. We'd be having breakfast and she would take the leftovers - papaya, yoghurt, honey, nuts - and blend them all together, then she'd start putting them on her face... I grew up like that and as I got older I realised that wasn't normal... I thought everyone just took the leftovers and made a mask!"

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The range uses a slew of superfoods like mangosteen, pitaya and jackfruit sourced from sustainable fair-trade farmers which are flash frozen and packaged into cups in exact proportions and then delivered frozen, ready to be blended when you feel like a smoothie or an at-home facial. The BIY options include 'greens', 'superfruits', 'protein', 'acai' and 'beauty'.

The beauty smoothies offer three blends you can drink for an internal glow or slather on for an external glow with ingredients like avocado, mint, Nopal cactus, rose, calendula and hibiscus in the mix to target different beauty concerns. Hayek said to The Hollywood Reporter, "We've created these 'hero cubes' of rose, calendula and hibiscus. This mixture of flowers is the best for inflammation and sensitive skin... Avocado is fantastic for emollience if your skin is feeling dry; mint tastes amazing and activates the circulation in the body." That's one delicious beauty trend we can really get behind.

Blend It Yourself is launching July 20, no details on whether it will be available in Australia

You can drink or wear Salma Hayek’s new beauty smoothie range (фото 2)

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