Would you pay upwards of $2000 for perfect skin?

Would you pay upwards of $2000 for perfect skin?

Sans surgery

Text: Anna McClelland

Dior has formulated "one of the most rare skincare regimens available today" - but it comes at a cost

Disclaimer: more than one member of the Buro team (okay, each and every one of us) has been known to spend an exorbitant amount in the quest for good skin. And hair. And handbags. So far be it from us to baulk at the cost of these three little vials - if they're as good as they say they are, we'll happily subsist on the fashion girl diet (tinned tuna and carrot sticks, obvs) for a week or two in order to get our hands on them. Vain, us?

The latest luxe beauty buy to pique our interest is Dior's freshly launched Prestige La Cure, a three-step skincare system designed to be used over the course of three weeks. Yes, it retails for US$1150 (AUD$2024 at the time of writing) and yes, it will probably cost more than your rent, but hey - that crappy Paddington apartment won't last you a lifetime, but your face sure will.

Would you pay upwards of $2000 for perfect skin? (фото 1)

The extreme price tag comes down to the difficulty of sourcing the active ingredient: it's harvested from the Dior Gardens' Rose de Granville within one hour of full bloom in order to extract it at its most concentrated molecular power. That means that only very small amounts of the formula can be made - but at that price, we don't think that's going to be a problem.

According to Dior, Prestige La Cure completely overhauls the skin in less than a month: week one resets the complexion, week two renews and week three perfects. Flawless skin, in under four weeks? See you in the tuna aisle.

Prestige La Cure has just launched in the US; we'll keep you posted on its arrival here.

Would you pay upwards of $2000 for perfect skin? (фото 2)

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