World first: Chanel to open a spa at the Ritz Paris

World first: Chanel to open a spa at the Ritz Paris

5-star luxury awaits

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The pinnacle of pampering, a Chanel spa at the Ritz Paris is every beauty girl's dream come true

The French fashion house has just announced its first ever spa will open by the end of the year, news we're sure has sent plane ticket sales to Paris soaring. Titled Chanel au Ritz Paris, the beauty haven will offer luxurious treatments using Chanel products exclusively, offering "a unique sensorial and customised experience," according to a release.

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In addition to the Chanel spa, an extravagant new Coco Chanel suite is in the works at the luxury 5-star hotel, where the famed designer occupied rooms for 34 years. "The story linking Chanel and the Ritz Paris would not be complete without the opening of a new Coco Chanel suite inspired by the one she originally occupied and by the decor she loved so much," said Chanel in the release. It's all part of extensive renovations at the Ritz Paris, which has been closed since 2012 for a complete overhaul. 

World first: Chanel to open a spa at the Ritz Paris (фото 1)

Whether this is the first of many luxury Chanel spas is yet to be revealed, but one thing is certain: we're booking flights to Paris, stat. 

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