Why Emma Stone is the hair chameleon of Hollywood

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Emma Stone has debuted her most audacious hairstyle yet on the cover of Vogue US - proving why she's Tinseltown's most versatile hair queen   

When it comes to Emma Stone, it's no secret the 27-year-old loves a good hair experiment. Her recent red carpet hairstyles have always been a colourful surprise - having experimented with auburn, platinum blonde (fact: Emma Stone's natural hair colour is actually blonde), chocolate brown, strawberry blonde, not to mention several iterations of her signature fiery red look. But the La La Land actress has revealed her most dramatic transformation yet (and it doesn't revolve around colour) - debuting a chic pixie cut on the cover of Vogue's November issue. While we're not sure if this Edie Sedgwick-esque style is a wig or not, Stone pulls it off like a boss, verifying exactly why the Oscar-nominee can look good with any 'do. Click through the gallery to see Emma Stone's most dramatic hair transformations to date.

Why Emma Stone is the hair chameleon of Hollywood (фото 1)

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