Victoria Beckham is launching a make-up line!

Victoria Beckham is launching a make-up line!


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She's perennially polished and has women the world over clamouring to emulate her look - a feat that will be that much easier when Victoria Beckham's make-up is released

Over the weekend, while we were all at brunch, there was massive world news - and it didn't have anything to do with the US election campaign. For lovers of beauty, fashion and the Spice Girls, this is more important (not to mention stylish) than anything Donald Trump related - Victoria Beckham is launching a make-up line. With Estée Lauder. You have permission to swoon.

The limited edition collection will launch in Australia in September 2016. "We are excited to join forces and bring Victoria's take on beauty to her many fans around the world," says Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Group President for The Estée Lauder Companies. "Victoria is an entrepreneur in the true spirit of our founder, Estée Lauder, with a real understanding of what women want and a commitment to making women look and feel their most beautiful. Victoria has a passion for beauty and we are delighted to welcome her into our brand."

Victoria Beckham is launching a make-up line! (фото 1)

They're remaining tight-lipped about just what the collection will include, but given Becks' penchant for a smoky eye, we're hoping for a killer eye make-up edit plus products that allow us to emulate her glowy, ever-perfect skin. We're guessing the packaging will be black - and it will definitely be enviably chic. And we will definitely want to buy it ALL. 

Victoria Beckham is launching a make-up line! (фото 2)

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