Turn your sensitive skin into a perfect 10

Turn your sensitive skin into a perfect 10

The Chanel solution

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Will you just calm TF down?

That's the question one out of every two girls around the globe ask their itchy, red, rough, hot, dry sensitive skin on a daily basis. It's a pretty underwhelming way to start the day, angry-looking skin glaring back you from the bathroom mirror. Not to mention how that furious visage feels - uncomfortable, tight, scratchy and kind of like fire ants are crawling all over it.

Enter Chanel. Their brand new sensitive skincare solution, La Solution 10, has a list of just 10 ingredients, making it the pared-back breakthrough your stressed-out skin has been waiting for. Co-developed between the Chanel Research lab and A-list New York dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, it's got all the calming moves to soothe, de-stress and ultimately defend your skin against external environmental aggressors.

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Catering to both long-term and temporary sensitivity, the key ingredient powering this soothing saviour is that rare and precious white tea, Silver Needle - a known soother of redness and a protector against further uncomfortable face situations. 

Find La Solution 10 at Chanel counters nationally now. For more info, head to

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