This organic beauty brand's mask boasts a two-month waitlist

This organic beauty brand's mask boasts a two-month waitlist

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The organic, green brand behind the sold-out Arctic Breeze Detox Mask, Snow Fox Skincare has just landed on our sunny shores

When it comes to skincare there's a reason why some products become sold-out cult favourites and others just become next weeks recycling. And when you've got a substantial waitlist for a face-saving product you know it falls firmly into the cult category. Two-months is the current e-tail queue for organic brand Snow Fox's cult favourite Arctic Breeze Detox Mask and unlike other vegan products which aren't active enough to make a difference, this little beauty actually performs

This gentle-yet-powerful face-saver works on dull, acne or oil prone skin utilising a mask made from premium organic cotton and including ingredients like peppermint oil extract, aloe juice powder, glycerine and rose water to moisturise and soothe the skin while also tightening the pores - all without any harsh chemicals.

Snow Fox Skincare Arctic Detox Mask

Snow Fox Skincare, the brand behind this cult hit launched just six months ago with a three product line up: Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse ($48 AUD), Arctic Breeze Detox Mask ($39.95 AUD for a box of 5) and Defence Multi-Cream ($75 AUD). Initially launching in limited Asian countries and Switzerland the brand has gained serious traction picking up a swag of "green" beauty awards and the best news is, it's just been made available online in Australia.

Snow Fox Skincare Cleansing Mousse

Phoebe Song, the Australian-born founder said, "I've tried everything from complex premium skin care ranges, antibiotics to painful treatments - none of which ended up working. In the end I realised that the solution was simple: we need something that is natural, pure and potent." The formulas were created by scientists versed in traditional Chinese medicine as well as western technology and the products don't contain any harmful chemicals, just effective key essential oils and herbal extracts (sourced from Australia). It's vegan, organic, cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic and never tested on animals.

Snow Fox Skincare is available now from 
But you'll have to add your name to the waitlist for their cult mask...

This organic beauty brand's mask boasts a two-month waitlist (фото 1)

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