Wen by Chaz Dean distributor Guthy-Renker has agreed to a US$26.25 million settlement following a class-action lawsuit in which over 200 women are involved, following claims that the brand's Cleansing Conditioner resulted in hair loss to the point of balding, hair breakage and rashes. The New York Times reports that over 21,000 complaints have been lodged against the brand.

According to the Wen website, the Cleansing Conditioner contains glycerine, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and panthenol, and "cleanses hair thoroughly without lather or harsh sulphates found in some ordinary shampoos." Guthy-Renker claims they have studies that indicate their product does not cause hair loss, saying the settlement is a "business decision."

The lawsuit has reignited debate in the US surrounding the regulation of cosmetics - under current laws, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has little power over the industry and can't order product recalls like it can with pharmaceuticals. Instead, its power is limited to monitoring consumer complaints and issuing safety alerts.

And in case you were wondering, this is the man behind it all - Chaz:

This 'natural' conditioner has made women and children go bald

Good one, Chaz.

This 'natural' conditioner has made women and children go bald