The secret to Karl Lagerfeld's perfect ponytail

The secret to Karl Lagerfeld's perfect ponytail

He uses what?!

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The Chanel creative director's signature coiffed style is strangely flawless, every day

But no, it's not a wig - or even a frightfully expensive haircare regimen - that keeps it looking so good. It's actually a simple supermarket buy you probably have at home: Klorane dry shampoo. Turns out King Karl is addicted to the stuff, spraying it liberally every day to not only boost volume and save on shampooing, but keep his naturally grey-tinged mane that famously bright shade of white. And because this is Karl Lagerfeld, he has a purpose-built powder room to apply it in #groominggoals.

Lagerfeld isn't alone in his appreciation of Klorane - a bottle of their dry shampoo sells somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. This year happens to be the brand's 50th birthday, and to celebrate, they're launching a new volumising haircare line, Klorane Flax Fibre, that promises all the body-boosting properties of their bestseller, and then some.

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Consisting of a shampoo, conditioning balm and leave-in spray, the collection is designed for flat and fine hair and utilises French flax fibres to give hair lift and volume. No word yet on whether Lagerfeld is a fan -but if the range makes its way into his Chanel-engraved shower, we'll be the first to let you know.

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