Kendall Jenner reveals her sisters' biggest beauty secrets

The big reveal

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It seems the model has Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie to thank

She's the millennial It-girl who quietly established herself as one of the most reputable models in the market. In the last 12 months Kendall Jenner has sustained a lucrative contract with Estèe Lauder, landed the cover of the prestigious September issue of Vogue US, and has designer friends like Karl Lagerfeld on speed-dial. So you'd only assume when it comes to any type of help in the beauty department, the 20-year-old would lean on the industry's finest (ie. the people she's got at her fingertips). 

But when it comes to looking after that money-making face, Jenner prefers to stick to some good ol' family advice. Speaking to Allure magazine, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained that the best beauty advice she's ever received came from her famous sisters.

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Starting with the eldest, Kourtney Kardashian has always stressed to Kenny the importance of skin maintenance. She explained, "When I was 15, (Kourtney) said, 'You should start using eye cream now.' So I did. And she told me never to touch my face: 'Don't pick at anything on your face; don't pick at your zits'."

 If you've ever wondered why Kendall's hair always looks ridicously glossy and smooth (even on her off-duty days), she actually has Kim Kardashian West to thank. Kim recommended to Kendall to use Finesse shampoo - a surprisingly affordable drug store purchase. "Kim likes Finesse shampoo, and now so do I. I've tried all the expensive things, too. It just works for my hair and makes it so silky."

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From her younger sis Kylie Jenner, who is renowned for her extravagant hair changes, done-up make-up looks and a self-branded cosmetic empire of colourful lipsticks - her beauty mantra was no surprise: " 'More is more' is definitely her tip," Kendall clarified.

And as for Khloé? We think her beauty tip proved to be the biggest lifesaver of the lot. "When I was 15, I plucked all of my eyebrows off. There was this little pencil line left. It was so awful, and Khloé freaked out and yelled at me," Kendall says. "She made me not touch them until they fully grew out, and then she took me to an eyebrow lady." 

Kendall Jenner reveals her sisters' biggest beauty secrets (фото 3)

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