Skin deep: Kiehl's adopts a cause for charity

Skin deep: Kiehl's adopts a cause for charity

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Kiehl's is known for its commitment to great skincare, but its brand values extend beyond the superficial

As a long-term supporter of charity organisation Adopt Change, Kiehl's Australia's new collaboration focuses on raising awareness of adoption and the way we think about family. The brand has launched a limited edition design of their best-selling Ultra Facial Cream ($36), donating net proceeds from all jars sold in Australia until August 12 to the charity. With four jars of the iconic cream sold every minute, it's a move that could definitely make a difference.

Fronting the campaign is Australian fashion couple Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Dan Single. Representing the new generation of family, Northwood-Blyth says, "Biological or adopted, it shouldn't matter at all how a family is formed, as long there's the love and support for a child. The love from my family is what's shaped me to live life in an incredibly positive way - something everything Australian child deserves."

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The campaign was shot by renowned Australian photographer Juli Balla, who spoke exclusively to Buro about the campaign inspiration, shoot locations and her must-have Kiehl's product:

1. What did you think about the brief for the Kiehl's shoot for Adopt Change? 
Adopt Change is a wonderful organisation. I feel privileged that I can be part of this project and thus have the opportunity to bring more attention to this worthy cause. Shooting one of the superstar couples of the Aussie Fashion scene, working with Kiehl's, whose products I respect and adore, riding Harley Davidson Motorbikes... It's a brief made in heaven, photogenic on every level. I was psyched to get behind the camera.

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2. What is the style you're most commonly known for in fashion photography and how was this expressed on the shoot?
I love working in a filmic way, with a narrative in mind, telling a story. I adore shooting horizontal pictures, as the images instantly become film stills and this exactly what I did for this campaign. I generally draw on my background in the arts and get my inspiration from cinema. The 'Joyride' theme is perfect for this approach as the images need to be emotive to convey the joy of being on an adventure, being free and following your dreams.

3. What are 3 or 4 key elements you factored into the shoot to meet the brief?
I considered the mood of the final images foremost. The composition, colour treatment, motion blur and location were all part of this and I visualised and planned out all of the above to every minute detail beforehand. Luckily it all worked according to plan, till the moment the infamous Sydney storm arrived, which delivered the enormous amount of hail in April. I was very lucky, as the creative team were totally behind me and trusted me completely with my vision.

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4. Where did you shoot and why?
For the Joyride shots, we wanted a beautiful piece of Australia. We didn't have the chance to go too far, but we didn't need to as the National Park at Cape Solander provided the perfect backdrop. We found a long curvy road and gorgeous flora along the side, to give the images a sense of romance. Bambi's shots needed to have the feeling of Manhattan, her adopted home. I imagined her hanging out down in the Meat Packing District, visiting her favourite cafe. We needed to find that aura in Sydney and the Rocks worked brilliantly. I can't reveal the exact spot, the location guys would kill me!

5. What do you like about the Kiehl's brand?
I always instinctively feel that the brand has integrity. The fact they came aboard this exciting and worthy project proves this entirely. They don't do traditional advertising; it's a very unique stand. Who else can say they can rely on the quality of their products alone with no need to advertise! I absolutely love the Kiehl's products - I couldn't live a day without Créme de Corps

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