Selena Gomez’s blonde transformation took HOW long to do!?

Selena Gomez’s blonde transformation took HOW long to do!?

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Selena Gomez’s blonde hair took nine hours, eight bowls of bleach and presumably a mental break down or two

The always brunette, Selena Gomez debuted her dramatic blonde transformation at the AMA's this week, sporting a light creamy blonde 'do with darker roots that has now being coined #NirvanaBlonde. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a wig stunt similar to those pulled by Kylie Jenner, but root to tip, Gomez's hair transformation is 100% legit.

The move by Gomez is by no means revolutionary; celebrities are constantly trading in their darker locks, for lighter (and slightly more damaged) hues. Kim Kardashian is currently rocking a peroxide blonde 'do, Katy Perry has lightened her pixie cut, and even our very own Margaret Zhang has crossed over to the light side. But it is something that hairdressers and seasoned colourists have come to despise; if celebrities can go blonde overnight, then why can't we change our normal root touch-up appointment to an all-over blonde transformation as well? And so Selena Gomez's hairstylist, Riawna Capri took to Instagram with a PSA for hairstylists and clients alike.

"It took 9 hours, about 300 foils, and 8 bowls of bleach, all with 2 stylists working together simultaneously," Capri explained. "It was a nice long patient process of baby fine slices, then going back and opening each foil and reapplying, but done in one sitting."

Capri explains that it is possible to make the move from brown to blonde in one day, however you will need to find a stylist with a lot of free time, and even more patience.

"Anything is possible in one day, it just takes time, no other clients ha, and patience to maintain the integrity of the hair. And to all you clients that want this, hopefully this explains the process a bit better so you can now be VERY patient with your stylist."

And that's not to mention the amount of $$ it will set you back. Clearly for Selena though, it pays off. 

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