Red soles, red lips: Louboutin launches lipsticks

Red soles, red lips: Louboutin launches lipsticks

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Why has no-one thought of this sooner?

If Carrie Bradshaw was still on our screens (apart from those Friday night reruns that, obviously, we are never home to watch...), she'd be all over this: the creator of the world's most sought-after shoe, Christian Louboutin, has branched out into luxury lippies. Set to become as iconic as the shoes that inspired them, the lipsticks come in 38 shades and three finishes: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile.

Red soles, red lips: Louboutin launches lipsticks (фото 1)

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Louboutin knows how to stir up desire in a woman like few design houses do - just ask anyone who's lived on tuna and 2 minute noodles for a month to nab themselves a pair of the house's nude pumps. The lipstick design is next level  - elegantly tapered bullets evocative of stiletto heels, opulently embellished and gilt in gold, they even come with black ribbon to be worn, pendant style, around the neck. According to Louboutin, they're "made to be stolen." Hands off, ladies.

At US$90 a pop, they are on the pricey side - but they're still the cheapest Louboutins you'll ever buy. They launch globally (including Australia) on September 1.

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