Off-White and Byredo launch fashion and beauty collab

Off-White and Byredo launch fashion and beauty collab

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Off-White x Byredo is a minimalists dream : black denim, soft tees, streetwear handbags and a cult selection of beauty products

A brand known for alluringly simple fragrances (a fave among the top fashion bloggers) and a cult streetwear brand might seem strange bedfellows, but actually, Byredo and Off-White are a match made in style heaven. Both labels have bucked tradition, pursuing instead the designers' ideas of what it is to be contemporary.


Take Byredo; perfume-making was once concidered a century old process steeped in tradition, but Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, came to the industry a novice, and benefited from the unbridled creativity that can only come from someone who knows nothing. Trained in fine arts, Gorham had a creative project in mind: he wanted to translate certain memories into scents, and he worked with a French fragrance expert to do it. After much experimentation (including scented candle-making in his kitchen), Byredo was born. Since then, every scent, from Gypsy Water to Bibliotèque, has become a cult classic - just take a peek in any fashion bloggers' beauty bag and you'll see why. 


Off-White's founder, Virgil Abloh came to fashion in a similarly circuitous route. An architect and civil engineer by trade, Virgil Abloh won a Grammy nomination for album packaging design on a Jay-Z and Kanye collab. He ended up creating a high-end streetwear brand that artfully combines minimalism with sculpted silhouettes.

The two brands have come together to form Elevator Music: a fashion and beauty collab that takes things back to basiscs. Think black denim jeans, jackets, t-shirts and geometric handbags with webbing straps that talk to the creative genious of Abloh. Byredo contributed an essential collection of beauty products to the collaboration: an eau de parfum, hair perfume and hand cream; with the packagaing featurring Off-White's signature diagonal stripes.


The launch of Elevator Music is an immersive experience, with German artist Carsten Holler creating an art installation in Paris inspired by his 2004 work, "The Elevator".

The collaboration is available internationally in May, and if it's not shipping to Australia, we're already checking flight sales to Paris to get our hands on what is sure to be the first cult fragrance of the year. 

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