No more No.5? Chanel’s perfume making is under threat

No more No.5? Chanel’s perfume making is under threat

On the nose

Text: Lucie Clark

The flower fields luxury house Chanel relies on to produce their iconic Chanel No.5 perfume are under threat from plans to build a train that cuts directly through the fleurs

Apparently, there are too many people wanting a slice of the French Riviera lifestyle (who wouldn't?), which is causing a serious traffic congestion problem. France's SNCF rail authority has responded to this with plans for a new high-speed train route, which cuts directly through the jasmine and rose fields in Provence where Chanel's perfume-makers source the flowers for their signature No.5 scent. 

Naturally Chanel is kicking up a stink about this potential threat to their fragrance production and issued the SNCF with a letter obtained by The Associated Press stating that, "the construction of a viaduct and the regular passage of high-speed trains above the flower fields would force Chanel to stop supporting its artisanal activities in the region." This would be a huge economic blow to the farmers in the region, Chanel's continued support keeps those farmers in business. Not to mention the thousands of die-hard No.5 wearers affected by no more No.5 (cue: hysterical hording). No comment from the SNCF as yet, but it will be interesting to see who wins this high-stakes high-end modern David versus Goliath.

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