Nicole Warne like you've never seen her for Kiehl's

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After making New York her home away from home, Gary Pepper Girl has revealed a massive beauty coup

The fashion blogger turned creative director has been snapped up by Kiehl's to create the 'Happiest Hour' campaign for their new lightweight facial oil, the Daily Reviving Concentrate. "We decided to focus on the universally loved concept of 'happy hour', and the insight that although most women would like to look their most beautiful at this time, they often feel their skin is dull and tired-looking by the end of the day," Nicole Warne explains on her website. That's where Kiehl's new Concentrate comes in - designed to revitalise and reduce signs of skin fatigue throughout the day, it promotes a fresh and healthy look from dawn until dusk by protecting skin against external aggressors.

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In collaboration with Kiehl's and with her fiancé Luke Shadbolt heading up production and the photography, Warne created four distinct personalities that each reflect the Kiehl's woman, all set in New York in various city scenarios: Rush Hour, Adventure Hour, Nature Hour and Family Hour. "I think my favourite character to play was the aircraft pilot that we shot along the intrepid at sunset - I felt like a completely different person and the location and light at that time of the day made the setting feel incredibly cinematic," Warne tells.

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With a digital following of over 2.5 million hanging on her every shoe purchase, Warne is easily one of the most influential style bloggers of the moment. The Kiehl's campaign proves her versatility, showing a side to the star that we can't wait to see more of.  

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