Meet the striking new face of YSL Beauty

Meet the striking new face of YSL Beauty

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The polymath model lends her exquisite looks to Yves Saint Laurent

In our feverish days of endless digital information and social media, it's no longer just enough to be a pretty face. Models, now more than ever, are applauded for side hustles that add to their intrigue and appeal.

Enter: Staz Lindes, the flaxen-haired plush-pouted model/rock guitarist/singer/photographer and progeny of Dire Straits alum, Hal Lindes. Born in London and raised in California, Lindes was initially discovered for modelling in a bowling alley of all places before being hand-plucked by Hedi Slimane to walk a Saint Laurent show (while he was still Creative Director) during an LA gig with her band, the Paranoyds.

And if you ever thought someone so beautiful couldn't shred, see her in action here:

"During my high school years, I'd copy the style of French actresses from the '60s - the very actress that Monsieur Saint Laurent had dressed," the model gushed in a statement. "So I've always felt a natural affinity with the brand. To me, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is youthful, cool, edgy and luxurious - I couldn't be more excited to be joining it as an ambassador for their make-up."

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