Whoever said millennials aren't hard workers haven't met the Hadid sisters or the Kardashian/Jenner crew. With Kylie Jenner's make-up line, Kylie Cosmetics, on track to enter the billion-dollar club by 2022, these 20-something kids are certainly not afraid to work, work, work (as Rihanna so succinctly sings).

But Kylie better look sharp because another high profile millennial is coming for her beauty crown with fashionista.com reporting Gigi and Maybelline have confirmed via social media that Gigi is launching a make-up line, Gigi x Maybelline, in collaboration with the powerhouse cosmetics brand.

Image @gigihadid

Gigi has been the face of Maybelline since 2015 and it's a relationship that obviously works with the brand trusting her to not only represent them but also create a range under their iconic brand name.

As for what the collection will be and when it will drop, the US Maybelline site has a countdown of just 10 days until the make-up line launches and if the images on the site are anything to go on, expect a palette of nude, bronze and pop of bright orange (which is possibly an eye shadow shade).

No news as to whether the collection will be available in Australia but you can sign up to the US site for further details here: maybelline.com

Look out Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid is coming for your beauty crown