Kylie’s going to pout over Kim K’s latest beauty news

Kylie’s going to pout over Kim K’s latest beauty news

Lip kits at fifty paces

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Kim K is launching a set of shimmery lip glosses and metallic highlighting powders this week, surely little sis Kylie will have something to say about this blatant move into Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit territory?

The old schoolyard taunt of 'anything you can do, I can do better' seems to be the motto in the Kardashian/Jenner family with Kim about to step deep into little sister's Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit territory via the launch of her cosmetic brand, KKW Beauty, new Ultralight Beams Gloss and Ultralight Beams Powder range.

And because it's the Kardashian/Jenners - we're guessing any drama this lip war causes between the girls two beauty brands will play out either on their reality show or social media - the family's two favourite communication channel, stay tuned.

Kim announced the launch of the new lip gloss and metallic highlighting powder range in the most Kim way - according to Elite Daily, Kim sent a box of the new products over to über beauty blogger Huda Kattan aka @hudabeauty with no communication or warning, the box arrived and Kattan excitedly shared the news of the launch with the world:


Kattan's nearly 23 million followers then did their job and blew up the social media sphere demanding more information on these must-have new KKW Beauty products. Kim's response:


After dropping that glittery bombshell, Kim confirmed the launch date of the five new Ultralight Beams glosses and powders would be this Friday December 1 and uploaded a snap of herself wearing the new products.


For first time users, according to Kim's Insta pic you can use the metallic powders on your eyes, lips (combined with the gloss) and body.

KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses will be available from December 1 from

Kylie’s going to pout over Kim K’s latest beauty news (фото 1)

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