Kylie Jenner reveals game-changing beauty news

Kylie Jenner reveals game-changing beauty news

Rule breaker

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Kylie has taken a leaf out of sister Kim’s world domination playbook and is on track to rule the global beauty world one Kylie Cosmetics lip kit at a time

As a general rule most beauty brands take years to reach the $1 billion mark (if in fact they reach that number at all) but rules are meant to be broken and 20-year-old Kylie doesn't seem like the kind of girl to be bothered with toeing the party line. 

In a recent in-depth interview with WWD Kylie Jenner and ultimate mumager Kris Jenner revealed the astonishing news that, "Kylie Cosmetics...has done $420 million USD in retail sales - in just 18 months." Doing the maths, if that growth continues WWD predicts, "Kylie is on track to become beauty's next billion-dollar baby by 2022." Not bad from a quiet kid eternally in the shadows of her 'look at me' sisters.

Kylie launched Kylie Cosmetics (originally named Kylie Lip Kits) back in November 2015 with three lip kits that proved hotter than Adele concert tickets, selling out immediately. They were the must-have beauty item of the year, leaving established beauty brands with all the research, development and expertise behind them, scratching their glossy-tressed heads over how this under-the-radar sister of a reality TV star could be an overnight beauty success.

WWD reports that cult brands like Tom Ford Beauty (owned by the Estee Lauder Company), "...reached revenues of $500 million after a decade," Kylie Cosmetics is nearly at that number in just 18 months with no sign of slowing down if Kylie and mumager Kris have anything to do with it.

To celebrate her twentieth birthday (which is today - happy birthday Kylie), Kylie released a limited edition 'birthday collection' of makeup which, "...did almost $10 million in sales in one day," according to WWD. Most cosmetics brands would be happy to make that amount in a year.

Kylie is the face, name and brains behind the brand (she's the CEO, chief marketing officer and chief creative officer) and with a little help from her mum is changing the face of beauty - relying on social media and digital to sell her brand rather than traditional types of advertising and retailers. Big beauty powerhouse brands, take note.

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