Korean beauty product claims to obliterate blackheads once and for all

Korean beauty product claims to obliterate blackheads once and for all

Could it be true?

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The secret is these weird little silk balls that you pop on your fingertips.

What is it about blackheads that makes you want to wage war against them? It's like they represent everything that's wrong with the world, and if you could just obliterate them, everything would be peace, harmony and prancing unicorns.

For anyone with a vendetta against blackheads (and let's face it, that's all of us), cult Korean beauty company CosRX has invented a product that's said to end blackheads and by extension bring about world peace.


We're not even joking when we say the product is called Blackhead Silk Finger Balls. The science behind how they work is spotty, but the finger balls are silk cocoons stolen from unsuspecting silk worms, and the natural, active ingredients are fibroin and the protein sericin. They look like little wooly fingertip socks, and their magical powers lie in removing blackheads, drawing out excess sebum from the skin (that's the oily stuff produced by your skin that partly causes blackheads), and helping your skin retain its moisture.

To activate them, wet the balls for two minutes until they're soft. While you're waiting, wash and dry your face. Pop them on your fingers and massage them on a blackhead afflicted part of your skin.


Testers are mixed: some say they noticed some difference to blackheads, others say the next day it was back to the same old congested skin. At $8.95, we guess it can't hurt to try it for ourselves.

Don't you get the sense that an evil villain is sitting in a cosmetics lab somewhere brainstorming beauty products and thinking, "I wonder what weird stuff I can get people to rub on their faces next. Cow poo?"

Note to selves: if a Korean beauty brand comes out with cow poo facial masks promising youthful skin, don't use it. Unless there's a chance it could work. How bad could cow poo be anyway? 

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