Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand is getting a MAJOR addition

Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand is getting a MAJOR addition

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Clearly conquering the contouring market wasn’t enough with news just in that Kim K is launching fragrance under her KKW Beauty brand

In the Kardashian/Jenner family dominating just one key lifestyle pillar is not enough - not only is this crew top of the reality TV show pile, they also rule the runway thanks to Kendall, all the social media spheres and now the beauty space courtesy of Kylie's incredibly successful beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, and Kim's recently minted KKW Beauty.

But obviously that's not enough for young Kim Kardashian West - she's also about to take on the very crowded celeb fragrance market with WWD reporting she's launching, "...three eau de parfums at her online beauty destination,," this week.

According to the article all three fragrances, Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud, will feature, "...her favourite flower and scent," gardenia, and will come in 30ml and 75ml sizes, with pricing of $35USD for the 30ml and $60USD for the 75ml - putting the fragrances in a very accessible pricing category.

Similarly to how Kim used social media to launch KKW Beauty earlier this year, she's set to yet again tap her huge social following to launch her new trio of fragrances with Kim telling WWD she'll be, "...using online sales and doing it all digitally," except for one small in-store presence in the Violet Grey bricks-and-mortar store in Melrose Place, Los Angeles.

KKW Fragrance. Image @kimkardashian

In an interesting New Age twist, Kim told WWD the 'crystal' element of the fragrance came about after she was robbed in Paris and, "a lot of my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals... it's very LA and it's very popular right now... I really started to dig deeper into what they meant." This 'research' translated to fragrance bottles in colours of quartz, rose quartz and citrine, which are "...intended to evoke the healing properties of each crystal." 

Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand is getting a MAJOR addition (фото 1)

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