Kate Moss just got WHAT for her daughter?

Kate Moss just got WHAT for her daughter?

In the genes

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Image: Image: Vogue Italia/Maria Sorrenti

The most famous name in the modelling world, Kate Moss, just booked her daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack her first ad campaign

Having graced the cover of Vogue Italia in a mother-daughter shoot last year, Lila Grace is no stranger to posing for the camera (it's basically in her DNA) and so fronting an ad campaign seems like the inevitable next step in this genetically blessed kid's life. Sharing the same wide set eyes and high cheekbones her famous mum has made a pretty decent living from - Kate's lookalike daughter is now the face of UK beauty chain, Braid Bar - starring in the campaign alongside The Clash guitarist Mick Jones', daughter Stella Jones.

Lila Grace for Braid Bar

And while having a recognisable surname certainly gets you in the door, Lila Grace, Kate's only daughter with co-founder and publisher of indie darling Dazed Media, Jefferson Hack - also holds the ultimate 'in' - she's on the books of a little modelling agency called the Kate Moss Agency. Translation? Lila Grace has the famous model in the world (her mum) as her agent. 

Kate Moss just got WHAT for her daughter? (фото 1)

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