M.A.C is known for collaborating with the coolest of the cool from the music world (Ariana Grande), to Tinseltown's brightest (Selena Gomez), to the playground of fashion's elite (Zac Posen), producing the cult must-have make-up products to make us look and feel like celebs regardless of whether we're actually clipping the Hollywood ticket. And so of course it makes complete sense that they've tapped the talented award-winning star of knockout show, Empire as their latest partner in cosmetics crime (as in, it's a crime not to add the collection to your shopping list).

Taraji P.'s scene-stealing turn as Cookie showcases her fiercely flawless face in every scene and from every angle - there's never a bad one - making us wish her make-up artist did house calls. Which is probably going to stay a wish not a reality. So thank the make-up gods for M.A.C. With their usual prescience for collaborating with exactly who we want to look like, they're launching a six product line up with Taraji P. in September so we can all have a slice of Cookie glamour in our own lives.

The collection is a palette of neutral beige gorgeous (translation: suits every skin tone) and  includes a lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner, brush and two highlighting and contouring powders.

M.A.C x Taraji P. Henson lipstick

M.A.C x Taraji P. Henson mascara

M.A.C x Taraji P. Henson powder

For further details head to maccosmetics.com.au.

First look: M.A.C x Taraji P. Henson’s killer make-up collab