Outsourcing is the busy woman's knight in shining armour, sans the handsome man in heavy metal and plus the time-saving, beautifying benefits. A quick sweep of the Buro office reveals we have appointments for haircuts, blow-dries, manis, pedis, facials and massages on the regular - and they're just the ones we're prepared to admit. DIY? We don't think so.

But finding the right salon, spa and nail bar can be fraught with difficulty - without a personal recommendation, you never really know what you're going to get. We've all heard the horror stories of singed eyebrows and catastrophic colour, and we've all scrolled through contradictory reviews on Google until our heads hurt. Until now: enter Beauticate GO-TOs, an online spa and salon directory by former Vogue beauty and health director Sigourney Cantelo.

Finally! An online directory for the best spas and salons

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A new section on Cantelo's uber-popular beauty website Beauticate, GO-TOs offers a tightly-edited guide to the best salons and spas in the country, reviewed by none other than the award-winning beauty journalist herself. So far there are over 100 reviews on the site, which Cantelo plans to update regularly. Check it out for yourself at beauticate.com/go-tos

Finally! An online directory for the best spas and salons

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