Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict


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Rihanna's debut beauty line dropped last week - but is all the fuss worth it?

Boasting chic blush pink packaging, shade names like Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby and a proud cruelty-free status, there was a lot to process at last Friday's global unveiling of Rihanna's debut make-up line Fenty Beauty. Staged to the thumping sounds of RiRi blaring from the speakers at Sephora Pitt St Mall, you can forgive us for feeling a little, dare we say, overwhelmed by what we saw. While admittedly, we've known it was coming for a while, no beauty editor in attendance quite knew what to expect; but rest assured everyone walked away suitably impressed by the offering.

But beyond the hype and the brand name, does Fenty Beauty actually live up to expectations? The answer, we're happy to report, is yes. Read on to find out some of the highlights from the collection.

1.  Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, $50,

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 1)

Fenty Beauty launched with a staggering 40 shades of foundation. Yep, just let that sink in. 40 shades. Designed "so that women everywhere could be included" the range is a godsend for women of colour who (like yours truly) spent their earliest, most formative make-up years wearing foundation that was wildly, cringe-fully the wrong shade. Oh yeah, did I also mention its formula is oil-free, sweat and humidity resistant and non-comedogenic? Boom.


2. Match Stix Trio, $79,

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Yeah, we know, everyone is sick of contouring, possibly even the Kontour Kween herself Kim Kardashian. But bear with us, because the technique still has its merits beyond the stripey lines and mega contrasting look seen on Instagram. We have to say, Fenty Beauty's trio of cream-to-powder make-up sticks, with two matte shades to contour and one two highlight, are pretty spesh. Also, the casing is magnetic so each stick clicks together in a way that's strangely satisfying.


3. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, $50,

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 3)

Available in two glow-forming shades (an icy-white Metal Moon and blingy gold Trophy Wife), or as a series of day/night duos, this cream-powder hybrid is super-pigmented and works for both face and body. We're predicting these to be immensely popular with this generation of shimmer-obsessed beauty addicts.


4. Invisimatte Blotting Paper And Refill, $24,

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 4)

A surprising, but no-less genius addition to RiRi's debut, this sleek blotting paper compact also comes with a mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. As anyone with oily, tanned or darker skin will attest, shine is the devil that dances on your T-zone daily. Created using natural botanical fibres, these are the perfect size for even the smallest of handbags.


5. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, $30,

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 5)

Launching with just one shade of lip gloss seemed a curious choice - until we tried this universally flattering rose-nude shade. Glossy, but not shiny; conditioning and deliciously scented, it's fair to say this is one products that lives up to its name.


6. Invisimatte Blotting Powder, $46, and Portable Touch Up Brush 130, $30,

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 6)

Another shine-busting product designed for close ups and camera flashes, this mattifying powder is invisible, so works on any skin tone. And the brush (sold separately) is magnetic, so it attaches perfectly to the compact. Round of applause. 

Fenty Beauty is finally here! Here’s our verdict (фото 7)

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