Fenty Beauty has taken Kylie Cosmetics' media crown

Fenty Beauty has taken Kylie Cosmetics' media crown

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Fenty Beauty has beat out Kylie Cosmetics in media value in just one month

We all know that Rihanna's Fenty Beauty cosmetics line got a lot of media attention following its debut during NYFW last month, and now the numbers are in. King Kylie Jenner, hand over your crown because Fenty has earned an astonishing $72 million in media value in just one month. According to figures produced by Tribe Dynamics' Cosmetics and published by WWD, Rihanna's inaugural make-up line beat out fellow celeb makeup founder, Kylie Jenner in earned media value for the month of September. Fenty Beauty also sat ahead of long-standing makeup brands including NYX, Benefit and Urban Decay.

Source: Tribe Dynamics

This figure is not the money that was earned by Fenty Beauty during this time, but rather the amount of press and media coverage it generated since the announcement. This includes all social media impressions across a range of platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, so all those reviews you watched on 'Trophy Wife' and 'Hu$tla Baby' were for good cause. In fact, according to reports by Newsweek, over 123 million people have watched Fenty Beauty makeup tutorials online.

Rihanna and Kylie are part of a new group of celebrities launching makeup lines this year, including Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and most recently Gigi Hadid. Now it's a battle of the all-stars where beauty blenders and brushes are the weapon of choice. 

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