Exclusive: Clinique launches #FaceForward with Margaret Zhang

Exclusive: Clinique launches #FaceForward with Margaret Zhang

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Branching out from beauty, Clinique is empowering women to put their best #faceforward

Inspired by millennial multi-taskers Margaret Zhang, (Shine by Three founder, stylist, photographer, Buro culture maker and fourth year law student), Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson and HBFit founder Hannah Bronfman, Clinique are calling for women the world over to commit to their goals using the #faceforward hashtag on social media.

Hot on the heels of launching their global big ideas search with TED (there's still time to enter here), the beauty mega-brand seeks to foster a collective of women who are smart, strong and switched on - women who know what they want and are working to make it happen.  Through the #faceforward hashtag, they hope to spark a conversation that inspires these women and helps them achieve their goals.

They've chosen the ultimate early achievers to front the campaign, plucked from the fields of fashion, media and health. Hear what Clinique ambassador Margaret Zhang has to say about making it big before she even graduated in our exclusive video and Q&A below. 

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1. Who inspires you when you're styling/shooting?
I look to photographers like Helmut Newton and others of his calibre for inspiration. I look at this beautiful, over the top, very sculptural time in photography which I think inspires not only my personal style but also just the way that I look at shoots. Rather than looking in a tunnel and saying, "I have to get this shot in this certain way," I create reference boards and mood boards for clients. I'm always pulling from pictures of architecture and flowers and things like that to create more of a mood as it should be rather than replicating what's currently in the editorial space.

2. When are you the most creative?
I think I feel the most creative when I've taken on as many roles as possible. I've done shoots where I've been modelling, styling, shooting and creative directing, which is super invigorating because I'm on a time limit and taking on so many roles. I'm in complete control and able to make my vision a reality. These instances are truly when I feel the most creative and inspired.

3. What keeps you motivated in your career?
I stay motivated by never becoming complacent or feeling like I've made it. Working with vast talents helps me to stay on my toes and allows me to continuously learn. You can always challenge yourself and push yourself to learn something new within your field. There's nothing better than experience and learning from each and every endeavour.

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Exclusive: Clinique launches #FaceForward with Margaret Zhang (фото 1)

4. Has anyone in particular shaped the way you look at beauty?
I don't feel that one person in particular has changed my perception of beauty. However, working in the fashion industry and internationally has allowed me to meet so many people of different ethnicities and see that every single country that you work in has a different definition or a pop culture definition of what is most beautiful. It's been interesting to observe each from the outside for the past five years and see how each culture has shaped and matured me.

5. How has your skincare routine changed?
I used to be a ballerina and was used to tons of stage make-up. Now, I wear a lot less make-up and take care of my skin. Taking care of my skin is extremely important to me since I travel so much. I always make sure my skin is clean and hydrated. 

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