Revolutionary skincare: is this the no-surgery-required facelift?

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In a first for the skincare industry, Estee Lauder is releasing a tightening and contouring range

Ever wished you could carve out killer cheekbones, lift your eyebrows or define your jawline - sans surgery or starvation? Estée Lauder's breakthrough New Dimension products look set to help you get there.  We're not even kidding - thanks to a cocktail of pro-collagen complex, peptides, polymers,  proteins, hyaluronic acid and lipids (so pretty much all the scientific terms we love to see on skincare), along with some serious new contouring palettes, the range promises to create a visibly more defined facial shape, boosting volume where needed and lifting the cheeks and jawline.

We've never seen anything like the range's hero product before - a Liquid Tape, $110, it's designed to be applied in a thin film to literally lift the face - sweep up from the upper cheekbones towards the temples, from the corners of the mouth toward the cheekbones and out and up from the outer brow bone towards the temples to tighten and tone facial contours.

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Then there's the New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum, from $140, which works to improve skin elasticity, plump and smooth thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, with pro-collagen thrown in to restore skin density. And the science backs it up: Estée Lauder used Neuroscience Testing to measure the physiological and emotional responses of women after using the serum and found that 91% experienced a positive change in attitude after using it and felt better about how they looked.

Two contouring kits round out the range: one for eyes, the New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit with three shades to smooth, contour and highlight, $62; and the New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit, with two cream shades to brighten and contour, $98. The entire collection hits counters on August 30; visit

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