Could this mean a Fenty skincare line is coming?

Could this mean a Fenty skincare line is coming?

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This tweet suggests Rihanna-level radiance could be on its way

Bad gal Ri-Ri is an open book, she never holds anything back. From posting pictures of her nipples (and being temporarily banned on Instagram), announcing an upcoming holiday collection a mere two weeks after the launch of Fenty Beauty and even throwing shade on Makeup Forever after they posted this image about her makeup line. It very rarely takes some digging to find out what is going on beneath the surface. So when one sleuth fan posted this screen shot below, we've got to say we were pretty surprised.

Twitter: @MrMouthAlmighty

Twitter user (and devoted member of the Rihanna Navy) @MrMouthAlmighty posted a screenshot of the 'House of Fenty' trademark listing. The terminology of "non-medicated skincare preparations, namely, creams, lotions, toners..." suggests that Fenty Beauty will be branching into the world of skincare. Now you can literally wear Fenty head-to-toe and radiate Fenty from the inside out.   

Before you throw out all of your current skincare, it is possible that Rihanna and her team are covering all bases should a skincare line be on the cards in the near future. It does not confirm that there are plans to do so.

Considering this year is basically the year of Fenty, we would not be surprised if we found ourselves applying Fenty moisturiser very soon. Crazier things have happened. 

Could this mean a Fenty skincare line is coming? (фото 1)

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