Ciara is the new face of Revlon

Ciara is the new face of Revlon

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Ciara has landed her first ever beauty contract as the latest global ambassador for Revlon

Since Ciara released the smash hit "goodies" in 2004, we've watched the Grammy award winner's career flourish both on and off the stage.  She's gone from singer/songwriter to global fashion icon - and has even scored herself a modelling contract with IMG (about time!). But now the 30-year-old can add beauty to her repertoire, as Ciara has been named the newest spokeswoman for Revlon. She will be joining the family alongside Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Hally Berry, who have all been long-time faces of the cosmetic brand.

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But it seems the musician was *literally* born to do this role, and has a unique history with Revlon. "My name comes from the Revlon CiaraTM fragrance. It was a gift given to my mother from my father, and she fell in love with the scent and the name. It's incredible to think that after all those years I would be joining the Revlon family," she explained.

Ciara's first beauty campaign will launch October 22nd and will appear across social media platforms, digital ad's and instore. 

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