Christian Louboutin is launching eye make-up


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The latest eye collection is the chicest make-up you've ever laid your eyes on

The luxury red-sole shoe brand first made waves in the make-up industry with the launch of their striking nail polishes. After that, it was the jewel-shaped lipsticks in the rich trademark rouge colour that got everyone talking. And it seems as though the French shoe maven is slowly creating total domination in the beauty department with the latest collection of "eye amplifiers"; an entire range of eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, and brow definers.

"This is very much what Christian [Louboutin] wanted to do - to once again give women a tool to enhance something that allows them to control how people perceive them," says Catherine Roggero, general manager of Christian Louboutin Beaute. "It's about taking ownership, and the way you do that in eye makeup is through eyebrows, liners and lashes," she told WWD. 

And in true Louboutin style, the products are totally glamorous; coated in the label's signature black, red and gold colouring, and are like nothing you've ever seen before. But word on the street is they work really really well, too.

At the moment there's no confirmation whether they'll be making it the shores of Australia (USA trip anyone?), but we'll be sure to keep you posted. For now, click through the gallery to see the mantel piece- worthy make-up products:

Christian Louboutin is launching eye make-up (фото 1)

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