Cara Delevingne just scored a surprising new role

Cara Delevingne just scored a surprising new role

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Fresh-faced model/actress/author Cara D is only 25 and has zero wrinkles but that hasn’t stopped her being signed on as the face of Dior’s new anti-ageing line

The usual path for skincare brands when they're thinking anti-ageing is to tap an extremely youthful, well-preserved 40-plus beauty to front their campaign. The thinking goes that if the 40-plus actress/model/famous beauty can look ageless thanks to this brand's miracle concoctions then surely everyone else can too?

It's a way of thinking that makes sense and sells products. Which makes Dior's latest anti-ageing move very intriguing. reports 25-year-old Brit beauty Cara Delevingne has just been signed by Dior as the face of their new anti-ageing skincare line, Capture.

The new skincare line, according to the article, "targets a 30-something audience... and is reportedly aimed at delaying the first signs of ageing." It's backed by science and was created " partnership with the Université Pierre at Marie Curie and contains an extract of Florentine iris that is able to increase the activity of glyoxalase," which is something that,  "...controls the skins' ability to fight visible signs of ageing."

Signing the incredibly youthful, wrinkle-free Miss Delevingne could be a masterstroke to get the all-powerful millennials on board the anti-ageing train early and Dior is known for their uncanny genius when it comes to signing the right faces at the right time - top model Bella Hadid was signed by the beauty house to front their make-up line earlier this year.

No details yet on the launch date for Dior's Capture line.

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