The diminutive law student's meteoric rise continues with the news just in that she's landed a place in Clinique's global campaign. She'll star alongside Tavi Gevinson of Rookie mag fame and a third talent who's yet to be announced.

The international beauty campaign is a major coup for Zhang and proof that her influence is spreading worldwide. Since launching Shine by Three in 2009, she's gone on to work with UNIQLO, Nike, Visa and Louis Vuitton - all the while getting stuck into a combined Commerce/Law degree. In typical Zhang fashion, she announced the news with a #zhangflat on her Instagram account this morning.

Breaking: Margaret Zhang unveiled as Clinique global ambassador

The campaign announcement signals a shift for Clinique, who looked to cutting-edge stylemakers in fashion and the arts for their talent. Campaign images are expected to go global in July; we'll keep you updated until then.