The self-titled alchemist and occultist, Lauren Bowker, founded her London-based material design studio, The Unseen to dabble in colour-changing leather purses and Air sculptures, (a couture piece made from reactive materials that respond to real-time digital date to change colour and pattern). Most recently, Bowker has conjured up the world's first colour-changing hair dye that reacts to the world around the user.

A modern ‘witch’ invents the world’s first colour-changing hair dye

She, like so many children of the 90s, was mid-way through re-watching The Craft, specifically the scene in which Robin Tunney's bewitched character casts a 'glamour spell' on herself, running her fingers through her hair to change it from brunette to blond instantaneously. "It was in that moment that the penny kind of dropped," Bowker told Co.Design. "I was like, 'We could do that.'"

The Unseen team have invented seven different hair dyes that each react to temperatures from the body or environment. Say you go for a run or even say something embarrassing in front of someone you're a little sweet on and you feel that heat flush through your body, your hair colour will switch up. It's kind of like blushing, for your hair.

For the moment, the dyes are not available to buy but Bowker is working on bringing it to the market. "Modern witchcraft and modern alchemy is possible," she explains. "All the sort of sci-fi visions from 15 years ago can now be true."

Watch this space.

A modern ‘witch’ invents the world’s first colour-changing hair dye