The essential Movember grooming guide

The essential Movember grooming guide

Mo Style

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David Smiedt shares his mo' growing dos and don'ts

First up, big snaps to any Buro readers taking part in Movember. Yes you may look like a cricketer/porn star from the '70s and your partner is probably dealing with chronic pash rash, but you are raising money for a vital cause: namely assisting those battling prostate cancer, testicular and mental health issues. What's more, even though we're approaching the halfway mark, you can still sign up. Two weeks in, however, there's probably some maintenance to be done as facial hair that mightn't figure at other points in the year begins to get a little wild and woolly right about  now. Here, our guide to the beard and moustache products that will see you through Movember in dashing style.

Oil for one

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Whether you've decided to go with a beard, mo or some combination of the two, know this: the hair sprouting out of your face is coarser than your mates after a round of tequila. Softening is required. As is fragrance, as your regular aftershave won't be absorbed by your facial do as it is by skin. In fact, it just sits on top and evaporates. We like the spicy, bay-rum-tinged Penhaligon's Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil, $99, from Aside from conditioning the face fuzz and imparting a classic fragrance, it can also be used as a shave oil when it comes time to lose the look in December.


Wax on, wax off

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If you're strictly about the mo and nothing else, a wax will keep it neat, glossy and fragrant. In other words, presentable. Try the old-school Geo F Trumper Lavender Moustache Wax, $26,


Scrub time

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The longer facial hair gets, the greater the chances of ingrowns as it not only curls in on itself but it coarse enough to penetrate the skin. This is not a good look as inflammation and redness are often the result. So attractive. Exfoliating twice a week will go a long way to preventing any issues, but don't scrub it in too hard - you're not sanding a deck here. Gentle circles are all that's required. Also opt for a scrub that uses natural ingredients instead of the artificial microbeads which are proving to be an environmental hazard. Try Tom Ford For Men Exfoliating Energy Scrub, $75,


The two Cs

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That'll be condition and comb. You can and should absolutely use your normal conditioner and comb on facial hair. That way, you'll maintain the boundary between corporate and pirate. If, however, you are planning on keeping the look, you'll want to invest in some proper gear. Try the Milkman Grooming Co Beard 2-in1 Shampoo & Conditioner, $24, as well as their Moustache Brush, $18,

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