The 4 key men's haircuts for 2017

The 4 key men's haircuts for 2017

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The cuts to copy now

By now, most men will have abandoned the summer scruff, put on their big boy pants and gone back to work. Which means some hair inspo is generally required. We've tapped two of Australia's hottest stylist - Jamie Furlan from Xiang QV in Melbourne and James Burrows from Mr Burrows in Sydney - to lay down a quartet of 'dos that will see you right through the next 12 months.

The Lucky Blue Smith

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No one in the here and now rocks platinum blonde better than the American model and It-boy. "His look is effortlessly cool and often grown out, which I think is a nice transition from the clipped sides we saw last year," says Furlan.

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"This type of style needs texture, so start with a texture spray like Kérastase Materialist ($38) onto damp hair, then using a blow dryer and brush, dry the hair back away from the face. The great thing about this look is it's best when it's not too structured. 

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Then use a small amount of styling paste like L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Deviation paste ($25.95) for definition and a little more hold.


The Justin Bieber

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"Justin Bieber's current style has a great street vibe, wearing it with a kick back and undercut combo. You need some great lift in this look, so use a mousse like Kérastase Densifique Denimorphose ($46) to help build volume and body into the hair.

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Apply it to damp hair first and dry it in with a blowdryer. This product gives you great volume without the crunch, then apply a small amount of sculpting paste to finish."


The Zayn Malik

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"He is killing the bearded buzz and finding the balance between tailored, rough and dirty," says Burrows. "The most important tip when rocking a shave is that it's never ok to keep it all the same length all over. Ask your stylist to keep the shape square, cutting it like an extreme short back and sides blending the shorter sides into the top. Cut the top no longer than three centimetres in length and make sure you keep the beard in check with a grade one or two trim."

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Even with a buzz cut, always use a little dry clay for texture. Massage a pea-size amount of Evo Cassius Styling Clay ($35) into to your palms and work it into the top of your style rubbing from side to side to create texture."


The Ryan Reynolds

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Not surprisingly, Deadpool is on target. "This updated version of the short back and sides suits square faces," says Burrows. "The key words when briefing your stylist are 'square' and 'tight'. To take this look to the next level let your facial hair grow for a couple of days and clipper it down to a half grade, keeping you sharp and finished.

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When styling it at home, blow-dry wet hair for 30 seconds using Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray ($32.95). When dry, apply Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay ($34). Massage a 10-cent piece size over hands and rub it all the way through your hair pushing the front slightly back."

The 4 key men's haircuts for 2017 (фото 10)

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