It took its sweet time, but winter is finally here and you can bust out those layers, jackets and scarves. This time of the year is as much about comfort as style, and nowhere is this better illustrated than the pick of the crop - as it were - in men's hair this season.

Gone are the razor-sharp partings and pomaded-to-an-inch-of-their-lives 'dos that have been the go-to for the past few years. In their place is a look that's altogether more casual, tousled and lived in.

James Burrows, of Mr Burrows salon in Newtown, Sydney, says the new emphasis is on softness and consistency rather than the disconnected boundaries between shorter on the side and back with immediately apparent length on top. As originally (and successfully) seen in the 1920s and 1930s - think Boardwalk Empire - and not so successfully on NRL footballers.

Men's hair 101: THIS is the new cut this season

Jamie Dornan

"Jamie Dornan has this new trend down pat," says Burrows. "The look is completely connected in that the top, sides and hair blend seamlessly. When briefing your stylist, tell them you want a tailored, textured cut that keeps the squared shape but with a disheveled, broken finish. The key part for your stylist to know is to cut your shape in first, then break the line to create texture."

According to Burrows, styling at home is "the easy part". "This is a wash and wear style. Or better yet, try not washing for a few days and continually add a bit of a texture cream or wax with a light hold that can be applied to wet or dry hair."

Men's hair 101: THIS is the new cut this season

He recommends either Evo Casual Act ($32.95) or Oribe Fibre Groom (approx. $46) as the products which will nail the look. Dab a dollop the size of a 20-cent coin between your palms, rub well to emulsify and apply from the crown moving forward to distribute evenly. Then roughly rake your hands through the hair backwards a couple of times and you're done. 50 Shades Of Hey!

Men's hair 101: THIS is the new cut this season